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4 Paint Trends for 2022

Paint colors and trends come and go like the wind. Some leave a lasting impression and remain popular for years, others we’d like to never look back on. Similar to fashion, paint trends change year after year. I think we all can remember a year when we used a paint color that we regret. As with past years, 2022 will have many color trends, colors will come in style and spread like wildfire. We will continue with beige tones but mix in green hues and bright colors. Each of these will make for a much more versatile pallet than last year.

1. Tranquil Greens

This year we are seeing an array of greens. The color green symbolizes growth and newness. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is October Mist 1495. This subtle sage is great by itself or it is the perfect backdrop for added creativity. From nurseries to cozy reading rooms, this paint color is perfect for any space. The thought of nature is going to present itself in many design and paint trends this year. It is the perfect solution if you do not want to go bold with colors yet still desire some variety. Bringing nature into your home sets the tone for a calming atmosphere.

2. Bold Colors

If neutrals and natural tones are not your things, do not fret, bold colors are in too! Within the design world, bold colors are either your thing or they are totally out of your wheelhouse. 2022 has brought vibrant colors back to the walls. The design world has shied away from bright blues, oranges, and reds in the past few years. However, 2022 is proving to be different. With more options of bright colors, you can use each room as a chance to add expression and personality. Pantone color institute highlights top seasonal colors in a variety of areas. Each year they choose a color of the year. This year, Very Peri is Pantone’s color of the year. It is in the blue color family but looks more like a mix of violet and red. Pantone describes it as a periwinkle. It is a completely new hue that they have created for the design world. The color is bright, beautiful, and creative. We will be seeing it all over people’s homes in 2022.

3. Warm Neutrals

Neutrals will always remain an option in the world of paint trends. This year the neutrals take on more of a dessert vibe than they have in the past. Tones that look as though you could set a cactus on display and it will blend right in. The neutrals are leaning much more toward a warmer side rather than a cool crisp side, as they have in the past. These ivory and beiges are perfect for any room. They allow warmth and a blank canvas for furniture and textiles. Sherman Williams Accessible Beige is a great option if you are looking to warm things up with a neutral color.

4. Coastal Blues

Blue is often on-trend in the color world each year in some facet. The blues in 2022 stick with the theme of the greens, calm and relaxing. These hues are light, airy, and extremely versatile. They lean towards a coastal vibe and replicate dark ocean blues and aqua seas. Sherman Williams, Aleutian is a cool indigo that is perfect for any bedroom, sitting or, living room. This color is said to be extremely calming and meant to create an environment that encourages productivity. Blues will never be completely out and we highly recommend that you take a look at adding some coastal blues to your walls this year.

As you gear up to purchase a new home or sell the one you have, utilize these 2022 paint trends to transform your home. Whether it be a subtle sage, or ocean blue, paint goes a long way in turning a house into a home that is uniquely yours!

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