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5 Design Trends Dominating 2023

Are you overwhelmed or inspired by design trends? Every year design trends change, and we get to see new trends rise in popularity. As new design trends emerge, it’s fun to look at what is capturing people’s eye. Some trends are sticking around from last year like bold colors, while others are appearing for the first time. So, now the question is, what is on trend in 2023? Let’s check out our list of the top 5 design trends of 2023, and then you can start envisioning your room refresh!

Trend 1: Curved Accents
Sharp, modern edges have been replaced by curved and rounded edges. The art of a natural curve and arch has taken over architecture in 2023. Your home doesn’t need to boast arched hallways and windows to be on trend. You can add curved furniture, mirrors, light fixtures, and rugs as well! This makes for a cozier home environment as opposed to the sharp, clean edges that we have seen over the past few years.

Trend 2: Designated Workspace
COVID flipped the traditional “In office” work week upside down. According to The Hill, 30 percent of Americans still work fully remotely. Remote work requires a designated workspace. 2023 design trends have created elevated workspaces that take the traditional office space and elevate it. Dark walls, bold light fixtures, along with functional seating make up office spaces being designed in 2023. Creative office nooks are also finding their way into house plans. You now might see a desk off the living room or a kitchen nook with a desk. Adding in a functional workspace makes total sense for our new work-from-home environments!

Trend 3: Bold Colors & Fabrics
2023’s color of the year is Viva Magenta. It’s a bold color choice that combines the perfect balance of warm and cool tones. This bold color is totally on trend as bright colors are a returning design trend from last year. It is a trend that has remained and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Bold wall-colors along with bold colored textiles and home décor are also remaining popular. Incorporate bright pillows, bright couches, and bright artwork, and you will have jumped right into the trend. Along with these bold colors, you will see patterns on patterns. Think of a vintage patterned rug, layered with a floral-designed pillow. Patterns layered throughout the room create more depth and personality. Patterns are endless and the art of layering them has become a huge trend for 2023.

Trend 4: Style Mixture
Remember those supply chain issues that delayed furniture for months on end? Buyers are still experiencing those delays to certain degrees. This caused design trends to shift in a major way. Why’s that you ask? People had to get creative which meant incorporating vintage and thrifted pieces into their homes and décor. That has created a style that mixes old and new, transitional, and modern, really anything goes! It might be easier to get your hands on a vintage rug and style it with a modern chair. This creates a unique style that is thriving in 2023.

Trend 5: Natural Materials
What do natural materials mean exactly? This trend goes beyond raw wood materials and stone. This trend takes stone, marble, and all types of wood and exposes their natural veining. The look is much more raw and less refined. For example, you will see fewer white marble countertops and more stone countertops with bolder, natural veining coming through. The raw material trend creates a relaxed atmosphere that appears more earthy and lived in.

That concludes our list of the top 5 home design trends of 2023. Our hope is not for you to feel left behind if you are not “on trend” with your home décor. The best way to approach your space is to analyze the functionality first. Once you have figured that aspect out, consider what designs work for your taste and liking. If it’s curved edges, then go ahead and incorporate new textiles, lights, and art to complement that trend. At the end of the day, design trends are super fun to think about, but nothing to stress over!

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