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Looking to Add Value to Your Home?

Here’s 5 Low Cost Home Improvements That Help Sell A Home

Are you looking to add value to your home? If resell is in your future, it is wise to plan out home improvements that will increase the value of your home. At times, home projects and renovations can feel overwhelming. They are also time-consuming and can be costly. However, when you are strategic with budgeting and planning, your home projects can do wonders for reselling. The goal is to catch a buyer’s eye and increase the return on your investment. We have the perfect list of 5 low-cost home improvements that guarantee to help with reselling. Let’s check them out!

1. Painting
Paint is the backdrop of your entire house. The feeling of a freshly painted wall transforms and renews a space. Repainting your home should be at the top of your list when considering reselling your home. Some people choose to tackle this on their own while others choose to hire a professional. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to paint a house ranges between $1,771- $4,347, depending on the square footage and location. Many professionals recommend sticking with a neutral color to help create a blank canvas. Doing this allows future buyers to visualize their items in the space when searching for a house.

2. Landscaping
Landscaping plays a critical role in catching a buyer’s eye. Buyers like to see mature, well-planned landscaping. If a home is well manicured on the outside, a buyer assumes that it is well maintained on the inside as well. According to Home Guides, homes with landscaping have a price advantage ranging from 5-12 percent more than homes without landscaping. After you purchase a home start to invest in your landscaping. If you are approaching the time to resell, spend the money to clean up your flower beds, refresh your mulch and groom any shrubbery. Landscaping will give you a wonderful return on your investment. Grab your shears and get to work!

3. Lighting
Similar to landscaping, lighting catches people’s eyes and draws them in. If you have a home that needs updates, the best place to start is with lighting. Lighting can be anything from vanity lights to chandeliers, to outdoor lanterns. If your home lacks good lighting, add recess lighting, which is widely appealing to buyers. In general, this upgrade can be the easiest and cheapest home improvement project. Light fixtures vary in price based on style and size. For the best prices, we recommend that you check out Wayfair and Amazon. Change out your light fixtures and modernize your home overnight.

4. Upgrade your Bathroom
Bathroom updates typically provide a great return on your investment, but not everyone has the budget or the time for a full bathroom renovation. You do not need a sledgehammer and $15,000 to spruce up your bathroom. There are many quick updates that you can do to enhance your bathroom without dishing out a lot of cash. Let’s start with the tub or shower. Is yours dingy and out of style? Consider, resurfacing as a more cost-effective measure, or pick out a timeless tile to set the tone for a spa-like bathroom. Second, think about switching out the mirrors and vanity lighting. This is a quick yet transformative update. The third option is to redo the floor tile. If you are not able to rip out the tile try painting it with stencils to transform the space. Buyers want to see a bathroom that has a cohesive tranquil theme.

5. Clean Up the Exterior
Lastly, clean up your exterior. What do we mean by this? Exactly as it sounds. Take some time to make the outside of your home look exquisite. Start with pressure washing the house, driveway, and sidewalks. If money allows, change out the front door to increase the curb appeal. Also, consider replacing any siding that is rotting or worn down. The outside is the first thing that a buyer sees in photos. Let it be captivating and clean.

We all know that being a homeowner has no shortage of to-do lists. After carefully planning out your updates, take our advice and start tackling projects that will help your home resell at top of the market. Your future buyer and wallet will thank you!

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