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Sell Your Home this Spring with These 5 Tips

As winter draws to a close and spring is here, spring flowers bring a breath of fresh air. Sunshine and warm weather have a way of drawing people out of their sleepy winter state, and into a more active mode. This makes for a great time to sell your house! The potential buyers, warm weather and the added curb appeal of freshly bloomed flowers are all contributing factors. Although interest rates rose a bit in February, this month marks three consecutive months that new home sales have been on the rise, according to CNN Business. Be encouraged by these numbers and keep reading to find out some useful tips for selling your house during a blooming spring market!

1. Maximize Curb Appeal: Spring is the best season to utilize landscaping to draw buyers in. You can dress up your home on the outside with fresh flowers, mulch, and shrubbery. Showcasing a well-manicured lawn yields more buyers, which in turn can mean more offers. Don’t forget how pressure washing can freshen up the outside of your home as well. Grab your gardening gloves and get to work!

2. Lighten and Brighten the Inside: Lighten and brighten the inside of your home by adding a fresh coat of paint. Another way to lighten and brighten your home is to remove all personalized items, less is more when it comes to showing a home. Potential buyers want to see a neutral canvas that is bright and tidy.

3. Spring Cleaning: As mentioned before, spring is when everyone comes out of their winter slumber. For most, this means decluttering, organizing, and doing a bit of spring cleaning. Think about how you’d want a house to look and smell if you were coming to a showing. Have a Saturday family clean-out day and use it to get your home in showing shape. Afterall cleaning aromas make a house more polished and desirable!

4. Get your Home Inspected: Home inspections are standard throughout the home-buying process. Typically, they are done by the buyer as a means of protecting oneself from buying a home with unexpected issues. Having an inspection done yourself, before listing, prepares you for any repairs that will be requested or needed! It is just another way to get ahead of the game and be overly confident in the sale of your home.

5. Find a Real Estate Agent: Once you’ve started your spring checklist be sure to find a trusted realtor. Realtors can give you further advice on what is worth your time and money as far as repairs and updates go. They also can help get your house prepared for your upcoming sale to ensure the process goes as smoothly and as quickly as possible! Never underestimate the value of a great realtor!

It is important to keep in mind that there is no one ideal time to sell a house, as each season has its own advantages and drawbacks. When contemplating selling your home, the most critical questions to ask yourself are: Am I prepared? Am I well-informed? Do I have a trustworthy realtor? Take some time to ponder these questions before getting ready to sell this spring. With the guidance of your realtor, you can achieve great success! Best wishes for a happy spring and a fruitful sale!

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