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Top Reasons to Purchase a Home in Savannah

Top Reasons to Purchase a Home in Savannah
Are you thinking about planting roots in the low country? If so, you are likely looking for warmer weather, historical vibes, or a sunny place to retire. A city that meets these standards is, Savannah, Georgia! The unique, yet fun atmosphere draws new residents each year. The weather and history bring visitors as well as transplants. If you are on the fence about making the move, keep reading and let us convince you to start packing your bags.

Affordability alongside a relaxed lifestyle
When considering a new city or location, one of the top contenders is oftentimes affordability. Savannah is known to be scenic and affordable. There are so many wonderful homes in downtown Savannah as well as the surrounding areas. One of the communities we’d like to highlight is The Waterways community located just south of Savannah. The homes offer covered porches, Spanish moss, and a quietness that encompasses a secluded paradise. Southbridge Greater Savannah Realty has an awesome list of other properties to consider.

Cuisine and Culture
When you call Savannah home, seeking out culture and delicious food is effortless. Located on every street corner, you will find amazing restaurants operated by seasoned chefs. Down south, fried chicken is a southern delicacy. If you would like to try some of the tastiest fried chicken in the south, visit Mrs. Wilkes dining room. Their famous fried chicken has been sizzling since 1943. You can also enjoy live jazz, see an exhibit at Jepson Center for the arts or take in City Market. Explore your backyard, when savannah is home.

Spectacular Views
Not many cities have riverside views, Spanish moss, historical architecture, nature trails, and cobblestone bricks. What people love most about Savannah are the water views and historical homes. Savannah’s historical homes are surrounded by live oak trees and iron fences. The architecture is timeless and captivating, dating back to 1753. When living in Savannah you will experience the best of both worlds. The city offers a busyness that keeps you entertained, as well as a peacefulness that allows you to relax.

Family Friendly
Bustling with parks, wildlife refuges, and museums, Savannah is filled with family friendly activities. Living somewhere with a family means you need places to go and things to do. Here in Savannah, you have the option of exploring the beach at Tybee Island, as well as The Savannah Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has 30,000 acres that include wildlife, walking trails, and breathtaking views of tidal creeks and marshes. Savannah is also known for its charter and high-performance schools. If you have a child drawn to the arts you must check out Savannah Academy of Arts.

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I think we can agree, Savannah has a lot to offer! If the views alone do not draw you here, the community and people will. Start scoping out Savannah’s real estate through Southbridge Greater Savannah Realty and join many in moving to one of the friendliest cities in America.

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