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Brick pavers, Spanish moss, Georgian Architecture, and river views all make up the shopping experience in historic Downtown Savannah. When you plan a trip to Savannah knowing where to shop will take your trip to the next level. The city is full of local artists and goods that make for some incredible shopping. We have made it easy for you by curating a list of four specialty shops that are uniquely known and loved in Savannah, Georgia. They each have their own history and showcase the beauty and talent that this amazing city holds!


Can you smell that? It is a once-in-a-lifetime smell. The type of smell that makes your taste buds water! It is an aroma that floods River Street, day in and day out. This delectable smell is accredited to pecan pralines, peanut brittle, popcorn, fudge, and many other southern delicacies that can be found in Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen is a Savannah-born candy shop, located right on River Street, in the heart of historic Savannah. The Candy Kitchen opened its doors in 1979. Ever since then the Strickland family has shared their beloved family recipes and created a store that is famous across the country. The family has been in business for forty years, having been operated by three generations of Stricklands. It is one of those places that as soon as you get near it, you must go in. If you think that you will be able to leave without snatching some pecan pralines, think again. Savannah Candy Kitchen is a Savannah staple that you must try. Head towards river street and follow the aroma that draws everyone in!


Satchel is another Savannah-born shop. Satchel was established in 2006 by Elizabeth Seeger. Elizabeth opened her doors carrying retail items plus some custom-made leather goods. As the demand for custom items outweighed the demand for retail items, the store shifted and began only carrying handmade goods in their store. Satchel is now a hybrid store that is part studio, part store. They make and sell handmade leather goods right in their shop. They have a large online prescience that allows anyone to shop their items online as well as place a customized order. The items range from wallets, to travel bags, from purses to bracelets. The quality is top-level, and their leather goods are stylish and long-lasting. You can find them on the corner of Bull and Liberty Street in the heart of downtown Savannah!


If you spot a charming blue building with striped awnings and beautiful blue trim, then you have arrived at one of our favorite spots to shop in Savannah. Located on West Broughton Street, The Paris Market is a unique store that boasts of one-of-a-kind, hand-picked items. In 2001, shop owners, Paula and Taras Danyluk opened The Paris Market. Since then, they have been flying all over the world curating goods for their store. Each item is hand-selected by them and deemed special enough to make it back to their Savannah store. Some of these items include soaps, kitchen tools, handmade lighting, home décor, herbs, jewelry, fine linens, and much more. Their shop is in a two-story Victorian house that was built in 1874. The building was originally a grocery store and has the most picture-worthy curb appeal. Not only does Paris Market carry the most amazing, curated goods, but the market also has a café inside. You can grab an espresso and croissant while relaxing at the stylish bistro tables. You will feel as though you have just stepped into Paris, France. Keep your eyes open for the blue-striped awnings and take a step into one of the most unique stores in Savannah!


Salt Table is ranked by Trip Advisor as a top shopping spot in Savannah. There is a very good reason for that! They have the biggest variety of salts, spices, oils, herbs, teas, and honey. Once you enter their doors you will be greeted by their friendly staff. They have the option for you to have a flavor consultation to help pick the perfect spices suited for your pallet and needs. Another plus to this infamous shop is that it is also located in Savannah’s historic district, right by the city market! Another item that draws people to Salt Table is its wide selection of Georgia wines and local goods. We can’t recommend this shop enough! Drop in and pick up some truffle salt the next time you visit Savannah!

We have concluded our list of must-visit shops in Savannah! As hard as it was to narrow this list down, we feel like these are the must-shop stores for a perfect Savannah shopping experience. Each store offers you the ability to shop in unique buildings filled with high-quality, one-of-a-kind items! Share this list with your friends and book your trip to Savannah!

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