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Should I Sell My House Now?

With summer approaching, most home sellers would be jumping at the chance to list their homes for sale. When schools are out and the weather is hot, homes are listed much more often than at other times of the year. However, there is continued u...

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5 Design Trends Dominating 2023

Are you overwhelmed or inspired by design trends? Every year design trends change, and we get to see new trends rise in popularity. As new design trends emerge, it’s fun to look at what is capturing people’s eye. Some trends are sticking ar...

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Sell Your Home this Spring with These 5 Tips

As winter draws to a close and spring is here, spring flowers bring a breath of fresh air. Sunshine and warm weather have a way of drawing people out of their sleepy winter state, and into a more active mode. This makes for a great time to sell...

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Should I Rent out My Home?

The pros and cons of renting out your house and what you should consider... Are you suddenly being relocated? Or simply looking for a change? The question that follows is, what should I do with my house? You have two options: rent your home ...

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2023 Housing Market Predictions

What’s to Come and Why You Need a Realtor in 2023 Key takeaways: • Mortgage rates should level off • Inventory will remain low (ish) • Housing Prices will decrease • Using a trusted Realtor is key What’s the deal wit...

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If you are a homeowner, thinking of ways to save on energy and taking care of your home is on the forefront of your mind...or at least it’s on ours! Winterizing your home can help save money on energy costs and spare your house from the eff...

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Top Questions Sellers Ask Real Estate Agents

Is it time for you to sell your home? Are you panicking thinking about the home selling process? What do you do now!? As with anything in the real estate world, first thing is first, find a solid real estate agent. Now more than ever it is impo...

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A Locals Guide to Eating in Savannah, Georgia

Have you ever gone to plan a trip and been overwhelmed with the restaurant options? When considering a day of eating in Savannah, the number of choices can feel overwhelming. We believe that eating like a local is the key to a successful day in...

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After 2020 riddled with the pandemic that made most Americans adopt the work from home strategy, it wasn't a coincidence that the need to decorate one’s rental apartment to suit their fashion taste grew significantly. A survey conducted by On...

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