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A Locals Guide to Eating in Savannah, Georgia

Have you ever gone to plan a trip and been overwhelmed with the restaurant options? When considering a day of eating in Savannah, the number of choices can feel overwhelming. We believe that eating like a local is the key to a successful day in...

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After 2020 riddled with the pandemic that made most Americans adopt the work from home strategy, it wasn't a coincidence that the need to decorate one’s rental apartment to suit their fashion taste grew significantly. A survey conducted by On...

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Brick pavers, Spanish moss, Georgian Architecture, and river views all make up the shopping experience in historic Downtown Savannah. When you plan a trip to Savannah knowing where to shop will take your trip to the next level. The city is full...

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Is now still a good time to buy a house?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, keep reading! In 2021 the housing market was booming with low-interest rates and houses were flying off the market. These low-interest rates led to 6.1 million homes being bought and sold in 2021, accordin...

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Looking to Add Value to Your Home?

Here’s 5 Low Cost Home Improvements That Help Sell A Home Are you looking to add value to your home? If resell is in your future, it is wise to plan out home improvements that will increase the value of your home. At times, home projects ...

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Why You Should Work with a Realtor in 2022

As the real estate market continues to soar, many people are finding themselves eager to speed along the process of buying or selling their homes. In 2022 there’s a few ways you can purchase or sell your home. For example, some people have tr...

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4 Paint Trends for 2022

Paint colors and trends come and go like the wind. Some leave a lasting impression and remain popular for years, others we’d like to never look back on. Similar to fashion, paint trends change year after year. I think we all can remember a ye...

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St. Patty’s Day in Savannah

Did you know that Irish roots run deep in Savannah, Georgia? These roots have led to the second-largest St. Patty’s Day Parade in the country. In the 1730s, Irish Immigrants settled in Savannah, and in 1824 the very first Saint Patrick’s Da...

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Top Reasons to Purchase a Home in Savannah

Top Reasons to Purchase a Home in Savannah Are you thinking about planting roots in the low country? If so, you are likely looking for warmer weather, historical vibes, or a sunny place to retire. A city that meets these standards is, Savanna...

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